Job Openings

Job Openings

Industrial Electrician/Instrumentation Technician

• Installs, repairs and maintains all electrical equipment in a safe working manner in accordance with appropriate codes and ordinances, at the direction of Industrial Technology
• Assists the Industrial Manager in developing and maintaining control and power systems.
• Assists the Industrial Technology Manager in maintaining an inventory of necessary spare parts and materials.
• Promotes safety through aggressive support of the IWA safety program and sees that proper safety procedures with electronic and electrical equipment are observed by all personnel.
• Maintains preventative maintenance program and machinery log.
• Performs those additional duties as may from time to time be assigned by immediate supervisor.

• Familiarity with all electrical equipment used in an industrial environment, both AC and DC.
• Ability to diagnose and troubleshoot electrical problems.
• Ability to lay-out both power and control circuitry for modification to existing systems, or installation of new systems.
• Ability to read electrical blueprints.
• Ability to draw electrical circuits ready for drafting.
• Ability to diagnose and correct electrical system problems.
• Strong concern for safety.

• High School Graduate (minimum).
• College education a plus (may substitute for some prior experience).

Job Experience:
• Prior experience in related electrical work for a minimum of 4 years.

License Required:
• Journeyman Electrician license required within 24 months of employment
• Valid Florida Driver’s License

• Working in and around plants, sub-stations and well pumps.
• Some physical effort required, both inside and outside of air-conditioned areas, including crawling, lifting, pulling, pushing and climbing, including ladder work, under various and sometimes adverse conditions.
• Electrical hazard is ever-present.
• Normal hazards of working with machinery.

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