East Rocks Project

East Rocks

Project Overview

The Island Water Association, Inc. (IWA) strives to deliver quality water at a reasonable cost. Part of that mission is to improve trouble areas in the system by replacing leaking or failure prone pipes such as the piping system in the East Rocks subdivision.

The project includes the replacement of older piping along with upgrading the valves, fire hydrants, service saddles, service lines, and fittings. The result will be a more reliable system resulting in less inconvenience to our members.

For common questions about this project, please see our FAQ Page

A copy of the notification letter sent to all affected members can be found here

A copy of the General Constructions Process can be found here

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Event Date
Tentative transferring of water services to commence 11-19-2018
Regulatory Testing Completion 11-13-2018
Main Restoration Commenced 10-24-2018
Pressure Testing Completion 10-23-2018
Main Installation Completion 10-12-2018
Testing Commenced 09-25-2018
Underground construction commenced 06-26-2018
Mobilization underway, vegetation trimming/removal to begin 06-20-2018
Tentative start of project 05-21-2018