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Automatically deduct your water payment from your checking account.

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Request a name change on an existing water utility account.


Island Water FAQ

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section answers some of the most commonly asked questions the Island Water Association staff receives. View our FAQ page

Water Conservation

IWA has developed a Conservation Plan in an effort to encourage responsible use of our finite resource, water. We have a Special Edition of our quarterly newsletter, Pipeline, dedicated to educating our members about water conservation. In addition, the following links provide resources and educational material aimed at allowing access to the most relevant information on responsible water use.

Rain Sensor ImageRain sensors are required on all new and existing irrigation systems. These devices will stop your irrigation system from watering your lawn during or after a significant rainfall. Call us at 472-1502 or stop by our office for more information.


Our rates are set in our Services Rules and Regulations. We have a tiered structure; the more water you use, the more expensive that water is. Using the rate calculator, you can see what your water bill would be based on your specific usage. An account with no usage will incur a monthly charge of $13.00 for meter reading and demand costs. After that base amount, the actual meter reading is used to generate charges. Complete IWA rate sheet.

Reading Your Water Bill

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Billing Cycle Map

Billing Cycle Map

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Leak Detection Flowchart

Leak Detection FLowchart

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Service Rules

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Rate Calculator

If there is any discrepancy between this rate calculator and a water bill, the water bill will take precedence.

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Single Family Residence is 1 unit. Typical consumption is between 5-10 thousand gallons for these customers.