Construction Process FAQ

Construction Process Frequently Asked Questions

When will the project begin? The project is scheduled to begin in the spring after our seasonal residents have returned north.
How long will the project take? Six to eight months is fairly typical for most subdivisions unless something unexpected is encountered. Weather also plays a role in the project duration. It is expected that this project will fall within this range.
Will I lose water service, if so, for how long? Most of the time, outages can be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Typically, the outage notice will indicate the scheduled date, time and duration. Notices are distributed in the form of door hangers and are usually left on the front door if no one is home. If there is a scheduled shut down tap water can be stored in advance to avoid having to boil the water.
Will I receive a boil water notice? If a water pipe has to be shut off or repaired a boil water notice must be issued. This is so testing can be done at the shut off or repair location to ensure the water is safe for consumption. Once the testing is done the boil water notice is lifted. Information about current boil water notices can be found at or by calling (239)472-1502. Water should be boiled at a rolling boil for at least 1 minute and allowed to cool before consumption.
When will the area in front of my house be restored? Generally, the restoration proceeds in phases. As the installation of the water line progresses the contractor will “rough” grade the area. Once large enough portions have been completed, the area is “finish” graded, usually about 2,000 linear feet at a time depending on the area. If the area contains many rock or mulch lots then this could increase the length. A typical project may include four restoration phases.
Will this project affect my water bill? No, the project is funded entirely from capital expenditures with no additional cost to our members.